Believe it when you see it.

How fast and easy is it to build, automate, and instantly target audiences with Clario? See for yourself.

“I’ve never been able to build and automate super-smart audiences so easily.”

Abigail Young

Media Manager, Level Agency

Hey, Clario.

I need this by noon:

Help us drive sales for our new line of snowboards.

Our new snowboard campaign launches tomorrow. Build me an audience of customers who are most likely to buy them. We have email and ad campaigns ready to go.

I need this tomorrow:

Help us acquire some new customers.

Our goal is to grow our customer base by at least 5% this quarter. Build me a cost-effective Facebook audience that includes the people most likely to become first-time purchasers. Our ad campaign is ready and waiting.

I need this today:

Let’s drive repeat sales.

We want to prompt our first-time customers to buy from us again. What would be the most effective way to do this?

I need this tomorrow:

Target tennis players for a Salesforce journey.

We want to target customers who play tennis with a scripted journey in Salesforce.

I need this by 5 pm:

Show me which of our wine customers are at risk, so we can win them back.

We’ve seen a dip in sales for our mid-priced wines. Which of our wine customers are showing signs that we might be losing them to subscription brands?