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CLARIO SCENARIO #214: Target tennis players for a Salesforce journey

Hey, Clario: We want an ongoing strategy to boost sales of our tennis rackets and gear within our line of sporting goods. We need an audience of customers who are most likely to be actual tennis players. We don’t want to bother customers who’ve only purchased tennis gear as a gift or a novelty. Our dynamic tennis Salesforce journey is ready to go—we just need to know who to target.

45 minutes later


Here you go. Would you like me to push this audience to Salesforce for you?

I can’t believe how fast you are. Can you tell me what this list is based on?


Sure. I’ve looked at your entire customer base over the past seven years and identified which customers are most likely to play tennis regularly.

How did you determine this?


Based on your historical data, I identified customers who’ve purchased tennis balls or grips at least two times during any 12-month period. I’ve also included anyone who’s purchased tennis training equipment for kids in the last 18 months, since that could indicate a coach or tennis parent.


Based on those characteristics, 8% of your existing customers are tennis players (or parents of one)—so that’s who I’ve included in the audience I’ve built. The audience size is about 42,000 customers.

Perfect. Please send the audience to Salesforce. Can you update this in place every week for us?


Yep. I’ll add any new customers who qualify and remove any who are no longer relevant every Thursday at noon.

Perfect. We’re ready to make some tennis sales. Thanks for the help!