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CLARIO SCENARIO #312: Target lapsed wine customers with an aggressive promotion.

Hey, Clario: We know wine-subscription brands have been targeting our customers. Build me an audience of our most at-risk, mid-range wine customers, so we can target them with some aggressive discounts. We don’t want to give these discounts to high-end customers or to customers who are already likely to buy from us—so please exclude them.

45 minutes later


Here you go. Where would you like me to send this audience?

Excellent. What is this list based on?


I’ve looked at your customer base over the past 18 months and identified any mid-range wine customers who’d once been regular purchasers and who aren’t currently purchasing.

How did you determine who had once been a “regular purchaser”?


I looked for customers who had purchased mid-priced wine from you at least once a month for any continuous six-month period over the past 18 months. I defined mid-priced wine as $12–30 per bottle.

And how did you determine that these customers aren’t currently purchasing?


I narrowed the above list down to people who haven’t purchased any wine at all from you in the past two months (or longer).

Great. How many people are on that list?


There are 140,000 lapsed customers, based on those criteria.

That’s going to stretch our promotional budget a little too far. Let’s change the definition of “not currently purchasing” to people who haven’t purchased in at least three months (or longer).


Done. Now there are 80,000 customers in this audience.

That’s perfect. Please send this audience to Facebook and Instagram so we can target them with our new campaign. Oh, and please update this list in place every Tuesday to remove customers who’ve made a purchase and add lapsed customers who’ve reached that three-month mark.


Consider it done.