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CLARIO SCENARIO #156: Drive repeat sales with one-time customers

Hey, Clario: Can you build me an audience that will drive sales with one-time customers? I want to get them to buy again—using the most cost-effective strategy possible.

45 minutes later


Here you go. I've created an audience of the 60% of your one-time buyers who are most likely to purchase again. This should generate results and also save on marketing costs.

What? I usually wait three weeks for answers like that. What’s this based on?


I analyzed the buyers who made their second purchase from you last quarter—including what they looked like and how they differ from those who’ve never made a second purchase . Using those insights, I built an audience with similar characteristics.

What are those characteristics?


There are hundreds, but these are the key findings about buyers who made a second purchase last quarter:

  • They were primarily between the ages of 30 and 45.
  • Most of them made their first purchase online, but 30% of them made their second purchase in store.
  • Most of them bought sunglasses as their second purchase.
  • For second purchases, direct mail and Facebook ads had a strong influence on these buyers.

Those are valuable insights. I’ll make sure we include direct mail in our campaign and target the messaging to that demographic. Is this audience ready to go?


Yep. I've uploaded that audience to Facebook and Instagram, and I’ll update in place daily for the next three weeks while your campaign runs. And you can download this audience for your direct mail campaign.

Let’s go sell some sunglasses.