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CLARIO SCENARIO #482: Drive sales for a new line of snowboards

Hey, Clario: Our new snowboard campaign launches tomorrow. Build me an audience of customers who are most likely to buy—and tell me the best way to reach them. We have email and Facebook campaigns ready to go.

45 minutes later


Here you go. I've created an audience of current customers who are most likely to purchase your new snowboard. You’ll have the best response from this audience by targeting them with an email campaign.

Great. What's that based on?


Your data shows that 1.5 million customers have bought snowboards from you previously, but I’ve narrowed that down to the 300,000 customers who show the highest buying intent right now. Targeting those customers will improve response rates and optimize your marketing budget.

Yes, it will really help our costs if we can skip the Facebook campaign—and keeping our email list smaller means we won't bother customers who aren't a fit. How did you determine that email is the best format for this campaign? And how did you come up with those 300,000 customers?


I analyzed all of your buyers who’ve purchased a second snowboard from you in the past and found that, right before buying their second snowboard, they met the following criteria:

  • They viewed snowboards in your mobile app within the last four weeks before they purchased their second snowboard.
  • They were engaging with your email campaigns at a higher rate for the eight weeks before they made their purchase.
  • They made more than one purchase from your hats/gloves/scarves category.
  • They purchased their last snowboard at least two years ago.
  • When they purchased their last snowboard, they responded to a small promotion.

Wow, it sounds like I should adjust my campaign to include a small offer, like a free hat.


It doesn’t have to be a free hat—it could be a free scarf or socks—but your brand’s historical data shows that customers who’ve purchased accessories have a much higher customer lifetime value (LTV).

Interesting! Can I see some more detail on this audience?


  • Here are the snowboards these customers bought previously.
  • Here are the kinds of accessories they’ve purchased most often.
  • Here’s how they’ve responded to various marketing channels in the past.
  • And here’s how much you should spend to market to these customers, based on their predicted customer lifetime value.

Amazing. Our email is ready to send. Is the list ready?


Yep. I've uploaded that audience to Salesforce and I’ll automatically update it in place every day this month so we can include any additional customers who meet this criteria and remove any customers who make the snowboard purchase.

All of those updates are automated? Selling snowboards has never been so easy.