Proceed with caution.

If you want to launch the smartest campaigns with the least amount of effort, you’ve come to the right place. But, careful. A solution this advanced can make your marketing dangerously effective.

“Clario changed our marketing — and our results.”

Matt Kjesbo Director of Customer
Insights & Analytics
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Have you ever wondered:

“Isn’t all this customer data supposed to improve our marketing? Why are we still lumping customers into mass audiences and messaging them all the same way?”

We did too.

So we built a new kind of audience builder — one that’s different from the ground up. Clario takes a scientific approach to optimization, automation, and machine learning that utterly transforms what’s possible.

Why do you need Clario?

Because if you’re relying on a customer data platform (a CDP) or your own analytics team, you’re working too hard, you’re waiting too long, and you’re missing the sales that could be growing your bottom line.

In other words:

Clario is the fastest, most flexible, most accurate, and most fully automated audience builder. But what our customers love most is how much our team supports them.

You get more than a tool. You also get a team.

We partner with you to help you get more results out of your customer data—with a lot less effort. No upcharges. Just a whole team of data scientists and strategy experts helping you reach your goals.

Clario is the ONLY audience builder that includes free strategy, free customization, and free ongoing support from a team of audience-building wizards.

“With Clario, we were able to save about 25% on the cost of our mail efforts with only a 3% impact on sales — a huge ROI win for us.”

Matt Kjesbo

Director of Customer Insights & Analytics, Northern Tool & Equipment

So, is Clario a CDP?

Technically, yes. If you don’t already have a CDP, Clario delivers everything you need. But even if you do have a CDP, you need Clario. Here’s why:

What you really need is an Automated Audience Builder.

If the whole point of harnessing your customer data is to drive repeat sales, no CDP does it better than Clario. There’s simply no comparison. No CDP can build hyper-targeted audiences as quickly and accurately as Clario. No CDP leverages all your data going back 10 years, no matter how messy it is. And no CDP automates your audiences in place to keep sales rolling in.

You don’t have to choose Clario for your CDP, but you should definitely choose it for your sales.

Clario integrates easily with your existing CDP and will boost the power of whatever solutions you already have in place.

Future-proof your marketing.

When you can base your customers’ insights on your own data—instead of the quickly vanishing cookies and pixels—you’re ready for the future.

And when those insights stretch back years (instead of minutes), you’re way ahead of everyone else.

“Clario has given me fabulous credibility within my company. I can always quantify my actions or reasons.”

Mark Redetzke Vice President of Marketing