How your chaotic customer data can drive repeat sales — without any cleanup

Clario takes your existing data in any format, with no prep work from you — no matter how messy it is.

Is your customer data collecting dust because you don’t have time to clean it up? You’re not alone. Many brands (most, if we’re being honest) have all kinds of inconsistent customer information scattered throughout their organization, and no time to invest in the massive task of pulling it all together. The struggle to tame this data is real—and it’s becoming more urgent, as access to third-party data wanes.

The good news is you have options — the all-or-nothing approach is no longer valid. So when it comes to your customer data, keep this in mind:

1. What you’ve got is more valuable than you think.
Customer data doesn’t have to be clean to start delivering value.

If you’ve got customers, you’ve got important information about them. Even if you have Jane Doe spelled three different ways in four different places, you still have critical insights that could be improving your sales. Instead of feeling stressed about the current state of your data, start seeing what you have as a treasure trove — and look for a partner to help you dig in.

2. Remember: You’re already making decisions based on your customer data.
Imagine how much more accurate you could be.

If you’re doing any marketing at all, you’re basing it on what you know about your customers. You’re making decisions, assumptions, and projections that are shaped by the information you have available, which, in some cases, is nothing more than your intuition. Just think of what you could accomplish if you knew for surewhat your customers look like — where they are, what they’re buying, and what drives them to purchase. These answers are hiding in your data, and if you can tap even a fraction of what you already have, your marketing will be more effective than it is now.

3. Starting with your current data is the best way to get better data.
Once you begin, a roadmap will take shape.

Many marketers think their data has to be perfect before they can use it, and this assumption is holding them back.  Actually, if you dive into the data you have, you’ll begin to gain clarity on what information you’re missing, how to collect it, where to keep it, and how to ensure better insights moving forward. You don’t have to achieve perfection all at once; the first step will lead you where you need to be.

Is it possible to use your customer data without months of cleanup first? Yes. And, thanks to solutions, like Clario, it’s never been easier.

4. If someone says they can’t help until you clean up your data, talk to someone else.
Find a partner that will start with what you have.

If you’ve asked around at all, you know that most customer data platforms (CDPs) require clean data before they can even begin to produce results. Fortunately, technology has progressed, and better options are available. Clario is an automated audience builder that packs all the punch of a lumbering CDP without all the costs and complications. It’s a great example of a lightweight, affordable solution that will work with whatever data you have, no matter how messy. As a bonus, Clario also integrates with any CDP you might already have in place, so you can quickly boost your effectiveness.

5. The sooner you begin, the further ahead you’ll be.
Having the right partner is key.

It sounds easy to say, “Just get started!”, but many brands are frozen in place, not sure where to begin. Finding a partner that meets you where you are is important, and Clario stands out as one of the best. With Clario, you get more than just elegant software and brilliant coding; you also get a team of data scientists who will partner with you to speed up your results — at no extra charge. With that level of technology and partnership available, there’s no reason to invest millions and spend years cleaning up your customer data yourself.

If you’re ready to start converting your scattered bits of customer data into actual repeat sales — quickly and easily — Clario is a great place to start.

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