Do you have a team of coaches helping you win at marketing? (If you have Clario, you do.)

Clario is more than just an automated audience builder — it’s also a team of experts who help you make the most of your customer data.

Ask anyone who uses Clario why they like it and they’ll probably tell you as much about the people at Clario as the tool itself. That’s because Clario isn’t just software; it’s also a team of coaches who help you figure out the best way to achieve your marketing goals.

In fact, a lot of Clario users meet with their Clario coaches almost as often as they use the tool.

“We talk with the Clario team pretty much every day,” confirms Bryan Tabiadon, VP of data and analytics at Chico’s FAS, Inc. “They’re constantly helping us make the most of our customer data.”

What kind of coaching does Clario provide?

Any brand that wants to measurably improve their marketing results needs a combination of strategic marketing tactics and smart data science. Clario provides coaching on both.

When you partner with Clario, you’ll work closely with skilled experts who help you find the answers to three core questions:

1. What’s your goal?

A lot of brands are tempted to simply push out advertising without thinking through what they’re actually trying to accomplish. Unfortunately, this almost always leads to wasted dollars and unclear results.

“Whenever we’re working with a brand, we start by trying to understand their overall goal,” says Nate Goldenman, who leads Clario’s marketing-strategy coaching.

“Yes, you want to increase sales,” he says, “but how do you want to accomplish that? Do you want to go out and get a bunch of new customers? Or do you want to just generate more revenue from existing customers? Do you want to win back your lapsed customers? Or do you just want to mine the customers you already have — and focus on cutting costs and optimizing profits?”

Deb Campbell, who heads up the data science team at Clario, adds, “We always start by helping you clarify your goals, so we can figure out how to help you achieve them.”

2. What’s the best way to achieve it?

Depending on what needle you want to move, the Clario coaches will help you build a smart strategy that makes the most of your customer data and harnesses the power of the Clario Automated Audience Builder.

For example, if your goal is to attract new customers, Clario may help you build “lookalike” audiences that represent your best buyers — so you can target the kinds of people (potential customers) who are most likely to purchase. Or, if your goal is to win back customers who haven’t purchased from you in a while, your coaches can help you identify who is most likely to purchase and what type of offer is most likely to work.

“We help you target the right customers with the right offer at the right time.”

— Deb Campbell

Vice President / Data Science, Clario

3. Where should you target your customers?

Once you know who you’re targeting and what kind of message you want to put in front of them, your coaches will help you figure out where to reach them. With Clario’s machine-learning analytics, you’ll have a highly accurate model that predicts which platform (or combination of platforms) will be most effective for each specific campaign.

This answer will vary by customer. Some of your customers will respond best to Instagram ads, others are more likely to click a Facebook ad, and others will be best reached in Google search or by email. Clario will help you create audience cohorts for each platform and push out your audiences to your platform(s) of choice.

Here’s the part that’s hard to believe.

What many people are surprised to learn is that all of the coaching described above is provided for free. (Yes, free.) It’s all included with the basic Clario subscription.

In other words, with Clario, you get all the coaching, recommendations, and support you need to make the most of your customer data — with no change orders, no work orders, and no upcharges.

“We meet with Clario every week,” says Matt Kinnahan, VP of strategy, analytics, and digital commerce at Healthy Directions, “and they come to the table with ideas. Not a lot of vendors today will do that — they’re much more hands off, as long as we pay the bills they’ll keep the lights on, but that’s about it. Clario has taken a very different approach. I feel like they are much more of a partner than a vendor.”

Want a partner who will help you actually use your customer data?

Clario is not just the most powerful audience builder available – it’s also a whole team of data scientists and marketing experts ready to help you activate your data. Check out more examples of what Clario can do — or schedule a demo today.

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