When Northern Tool wants to crush a revenue goal, they trust Clario. Here’s one example.

Northern Tool relies on Clario to build instant, accurate audiences nearly every day. Here’s a recent success story that drove results
“beyond our wildest dreams”.

As one of the earliest retailers to embrace omnichannel marketing and online commerce, Northern Tool + Equipment has built up a wealth of customer data over the years — and they know how to use it well.

This homegrown tool supplier carries everything from screwdrivers to backhoes, which means they have to be smart with their marketing. Landscaping contractors don’t want the same products as car mechanics or HVAC techs, so the brand uses Clario to hyper-target audiences.

Why Clario? Because, according to David Hildebrandt, Northern Tool’s database marketing manager, they can get what they need in minutes, instead of waiting days or weeks for a smart predictive model.

Pursuing high-value customers

On a recent push to build customer loyalty, Northern Tool asked the Clario team for help. The challenge was this: Many of the brand’s largest customers weren’t aware they could request a dedicated rep and white-glove service, at no additional cost. Northern Tool wanted to extend this invitation with a personal message or phone call, but they weren’t sure which customers were worth the investment.

Within minutes, Clario had built a model that ranked customers according to their likelihood to spend a significant amount over the next year. It was exactly what they needed. Northern Tool began reaching out to those customers directly, one by one.

“The Clario model exceeded expectations beyond our wildest dreams.”

Mind-blowing results

“The Clario model exceeded expectations beyond our wildest dreams,” says David.

Within just 12 months, the Northern Tool reps had generated over two million in revenue — more than twice their goal — just by signing up new “Managed Accounts” from the audience Clario provided.

“Because of this program’s success,” says David, “we’re adding additional customer service reps so we can drive more managed accounts. Clario is also refreshing the model to bring in the latest data. We love being able to identify and target our best customers so easily — and quickly.”

Want to know which of your customers are most likely to purchase again, and/or bring in significant revenue?

Clario builds highly accurate predictive models and customer audiences that can bring you some serious revenue. Check out more examples of what Clario can do — or schedule a demo today.

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