Level Agency is building better audiences in less time. Here’s how.

If you ask Abby Young, a media manager at Level Agency out of Pittsburgh, why she uses the Clario Audience Builder, she could fill a whole podcast with her answer. (In fact, she has. Listen here.)

Abby will tell you how Clario helps her team micro-target customers, how it provides laser-accurate audience segmentation, and how it helps her build “super-smart” audiences, fast.

“Clario is very useful if you’re just trying to get really hyper-targeted.”

— Abby Young

Media Manager, Level Agency

But the number-one thing Abby likes about Clario is that once she uploads audiences into Facebook, Google, or any other platform, Clario continuously updates them with the latest data.

Abby and her team might build an audience of customers who’ve shopped in the past 30 days. With other tools, that list would remain static until they manually update it, but Clario automatically shows a 30-day lookback from today, not just from the day she uploaded it.

This matters.

For example, a clothing retailer will have a completely different buyer in September than they do in December—but Clario’s automated audience uploads will self-correct with the most current customers.

“That gives you super-relevant, up-to-date information,” says Abby. “It saves our team a lot of time—which means you can do a lot of really awesome additional work.”

Knowing who to target, and when

Level also appreciates that Clario shows them everything a customer has done throughout their entire relationship with a brand, stitching together years of customer insights from every possible channel—including stores, websites, catalogs, and more.

Using Clario, Abby and her team can get instant answers to questions like: When are certain customers most likely to buy? What do they purchase? What marketing motivates them?

“It’s really cool to be able to not only see the past, but use the past and the present to kind of map out what your future audience looks like,” she says.

With this degree of insight, the Level team strategizes intelligently on challenges like winning back lost customers or convincing in-store shoppers to buy online.

The proof is in the testing

Level understands that the only way to know for sure what’s working is to test it. Abby credits Clario for helping them make quick adjustments to get the results they’re after.

“Clario allows us to just pull what information we need and do constant messaging tests,” she says.

And, from there, Level uses Clario to hone audiences on the fly and optimize their client’s marketing dollars wisely.

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