According to this VP, Clario more than pays for itself. Here’s why.

If you want to meet a marketer who knows how to target customers, talk to Matt Kinnahan, the VP of strategy, digital platforms, and analytics at Healthy Directions.

Matt works with the analysts and marketers at Healthy Directions to determine who’s most likely to buy, and where to target them. So why does he use Clario to build his predictive models, when he could do it himself?

“We’re able to do it much more efficiently.”

Healthy Directions, a multi-channel marketer of nutritional supplements, relies heavily on their own first-party data and they have a lot of it — with more than three million customers and 30 years of customer interactions.

Matt says that by using Clario to consolidate, analyze, and leverage their customer data, he and his team get great results — more quickly than they could do themselves — and Clario frees them up to focus on other priorities.

“Without Clario, it would take us much longer to build and manage our high volume of models.”

Driving sales with smarter audiences

When Matt is determining how to target their next campaign, he looks to the data for answers: Which customers are most likely to buy skincare products? What about multivitamin supplements? Who should we mail our next catalog to? Should we run this campaign on Facebook? Email?

With Clario, Matt can answer these questions in a fraction of the time he could do himself.

“Clario gives us meaningful numbers so we can optimize our marketing investment and make sure we’re targeting the right people,” he says.

He says that this feature alone — the ability to build hyper-targeted audiences in minutes — more than pays for the cost of Clario. And that’s before you factor in the rest of Clario’s benefits.

  • Time-saving audience automation
    Matt’s team has saved a lot of time by using Clario’s automation capabilities. “We can create an audience and then it’s sent out, it’s automated, and we don’t have to constantly worry about running those processes ourselves,” says Matt. “It’s less burdensome to my team and faster for our end users.”


  • Valuable insights that support strategic decisions
    “Clario allows us to create point-in-time reports so I can see year-over-year what’s happening. What’s different about our customer performance? Are they spending money differently? Are they buying different products?” says Matt. “Clario pre-packages all of that for us so that we can share those results quickly.”


  • An easy way to pressure-test the marketing plan
    Healthy Directions uses Clario to confirm whether their marketing strategy “makes sense and is achievable.” He says, “Clario provides a future 12-month estimate of performance at an individual customer level. So this helps me go in and ‘pressure test’ our marketing budget.”


  • Simple enough for everyone
    The Clario interface is so easy to use that Matt plans to roll it out to the marketing team. “The platform is built to be tailored to an end user without an analyst or somebody on my team needing to do it,” he says.

“All in one platform, we can say, ‘Let’s analyze. Let’s create audiences. Let’s activate those audiences. Let’s optimize those audiences. And then let’s repeat the pattern.’”

“I love working with Clario.”

Most of all, Matt says he appreciates the Clario coaches who meet with him frequently to help continually improve the performance of Healthy Directions’ marketing.

“They are very, very proactive in terms of coming to the table with ideas,” he says. “Not a lot of vendors today will do that. I feel like they are much more of a partner than a vendor.”

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