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“With its automatic audience uploads, Clario gives us super-relevant, up-to-date information – and saves our team a ton of time.”

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Clario Automated Audience Builder.

Kick off some quick results with our starter plan, which provides ultra-fast, hyper-accurate audience insights built on machine-learning. Then choose the power-packed modules that fit your needs, and build your impact from there.

All pricing is per month per brand

Multi-brand discounts may apply

Starter Plan $8k

  • One-click hyper-targeted audiences built with machine-learning (ML) models
    Our starter plan includes six powerful models that can be used to build ultra-effective audiences. If you add our Unlimited Modeling module, you’ll get even more ML modeling, customizations, and results.
  • Unlimited snapshots of any customer characteristic, from any moment in time
    Every Clario query, model, and audience is built on a complete view of your customer — across thousands of customer characteristics at any moment in time, from five days to five years ago. No CDP offers this kind of longitudinal view, which is why no CDP can model and build audiences as quickly and accurately as Clario.
  • Downloadable audiences, ready to deploy
    Our starter plan gives you one-click access to unlimited audience downloads that you can manually deploy to third-party platforms and social networks. With our Automated Audience Uploads module, Clario will also update your audiences in place, with no extra work from you.
  • Seamless integration of your customer data
    Clario seamlessly integrates your existing customer data — no matter how messy it is, no matter how much is missing, and without any cleanup required from you. For complex data sources like direct mail, mobile app, and marketplace programs, you can use our Complex Data Integrations module.
  • Instant attribution insights
    Our starter plan provides a variety of rule-based attribution insights, including first touch, last touch, linear, and time decay — so you can track which marketing your customers engaged with before making their purchases. If you want to quickly understand the entire combination of marketing materials (both online and offline) that contributed to your customers’ purchases, you can upgrade to our Custom Algorithmic Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) module, which is based on machine learning.
  • Unlimited users from your team
    You’ll have unlimited access to Clario’s insights and support for anyone you want to include — whether from your team, your leadership, or your agency partners.

Unlimited Support Included

With Clario, you’ll always have the ongoing partnership of our team of marketing strategists, data scientists, and data engineers. We’ll help you activate your data to achieve your goals — at no additional cost to you. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

Six Core Models Powered by machine learning Included

  1. Predicted Lifetime Value Model
    Instantly see how much your customers are likely to spend with you over the next 12 months, ranked from the most to the least.
  2. Propensity to Purchase Model
    Instantly see which of your customers are most likely to buy from you again.
  3. Propensity to Churn Model
    Always know which customers you’re most at risk of losing.
  4. Product/Service Propensity Model
    Quickly understand which customers prefer which of your products or services.
  5. Channel Preference Model
    Understand where your customers prefer to purchase from you — whether that’s online, in store, by phone, through Amazon, or somewhere else.
  6. Seasonal Preference Model
    Instantly see which customers are most likely to purchase during which times of the year (certain seasons, specific holidays, or other recurring purchase periods).

Optional Add-Ons

Unlimited Modeling Powered by machine learning $4k

Get unlimited, customized, one-click modeling for any behavior, beyond the six included in the starter plan. All Clario modeling is built on cutting-edge machine learning methods, such as XGBoost, and is supported by our team of data scientists, who are always available to help you build, understand, and make the most of your models.

Automated Audience Uploads $3k

Get automated uploads of any audience to your third-party partners, platforms, and social networks — and, as you need it, have those audiences automatically updated in place. Add new customers, remove customers who no longer qualify, and retain all learnings along the way — without lifting a finger. Our starter plan enables you to manually upload your audiences; this add-on handles it all for you.

Custom Algorithmic Attribution Powered by machine learning $3k

Quickly understand the entire combination of marketing materials (both online and offline) that contributed to your customers’ purchases. Our data scientists customize this Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) Model — also called a Fractional Attribution Model — to include all of your brand’s marketing activities, from digital ads to direct mail to emails and more. While Clario’s starter plan shows you basic insights with rule-based attribution, this add-on gives you the entire picture.

Complex Data Integration per data source $2k

We’ll provide custom integration of your complex data sources, including direct mail, mobile app, and marketplace programs.

Identity Stitching Powered by machine learning $6k

This add-on provides you with a single, clean ClarioID for every customer. We’ll clean, standardize, de-duplicate, and monitor your customer data — at startup and ongoing.