Driving retail revenue growth.

Start focusing on the things that differentiate your business, rather than just keeping the lights on.

Increase Revenue

Acquire, retain, and reactivate more customers. Reveal high-value customer behaviors, merchandise, and drive strategic objectives.

Decrease Costs

Identify and remove ineffective marketing spend. Improve marketing efficiency via smarter targeting and greater relevance.

Improve Productivity

Refocus scarce talent on asking strategic questions, rather than struggling to get answers. Avoid the confusion and misallocation of resources caused by conflicting reports.

Manage & Reduce Risk

Understand root cause of business fluctuations. Identify and act on negative customer, product, and promotion trends early.

A data and ML‐powered platform to quickly identify where to focus your time, energy, and resources.


Your Customers

A rich set of customer characteristics provide a continuous, multiyear view of your customers.


Your Marketing

Machine learning drives attribution, revealing how your marketing impacts each customer and purchase.


Their Purchases

Margin calculations down to the SKU reveal how promotions and product relate to customer value.

Customer Lifetime Value

Their Value

Machine learning powers lifetime value predictions at the intersection of customer, marketing, and purchases.

Break down silos. Bring together the right data. Uncover opportunities.

“Clario provided real evidence confirming a suspicion our team had: remarketing was broken, to the tune of $11M of massively underwater spend. Based on their evidence we scrapped the program and restarted. Fantastic partner.”

“With apparel increasingly competitive, Clario revealed customers who begin purchasing home furnishings dramatically increase their LTV trajectory. After they quantified the amount we could invest to incent this transition, it became a major strategic initiative.”

“A lot of MarTech vendors pay lip service to partnership. Clario actually delivers. The combination of great software and talented data engineers, scientists, and marketing strategists helped us stabilize our customer retention and return to growth.”

“Our customer's behavior had changed, but our marketing strategies and tactics had failed to keep pace. Clario optimized direct mail, freeing over $10M and, as important, identified where to redirect those dollars for maximum effect.”

“Customer loyalty is evaporating. Membership programs are more important than ever, and ours was floundering. Clario helped us get to the root cause and identified a path (customers, product, and marketing) to righting the ship.”

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Did we mention it's fast?

Stop waiting weeks (or months) to answer your strategic questions. Clario is fast—in the planning meeting, I have answers NOW—fast.

Let your team focus on differentiating actions, instead of wasting time chasing down hunches.

Software can be intimidating. You don't have to figure this out alone.

Clario Labs, made up of real live humans who love data, is part of the package. Their mission is to ensure your success.

We'd be skeptical too.

We've all heard the other pitches. They're hard to back up. We don't have that problem. Schedule a demo and we'll show you answers using real software and real data. If there's even a chance what we say is true, can your business afford to ignore it?

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