What’s the fastest way to drive revenue for your brand?

Accelerate sales from your existing (and lapsed) customers. With Clario.


“Clario is some of the best bang for the buck we get.”

Jay Topper EVP & CDO > See Jay’s story

Do you know how to get your online shoppers to visit a store?

With Clario, you’ll know that, and so much more.

Clario is the most powerful way to move the needle on sales. So plug in and buckle up.

What is Clario?

Clario is an end-to-end solution, built for consumer marketers, that outperforms any customer data technology of its kind.
  • A customer insight engine: Clario tracks thousands of data points on every one of your customers—going back several years—and provides instant answers about your revenue potential, customer base, and high-level strategies.
  • An audience builder: Clario combines a longitudinal view of your customers with ultra-accurate, hyper-fast machine learning to help you drive the right behaviors with the right customers at the right time.
  • A customer data platform (CDP): Clario cleans, organizes, and leverages all of your customer data, no matter how messy or chaotic it may be—in less time and for a lower cost than any data tool you can find.
  • A data science team: Clario’s team of coaches provide regular, ongoing guidance about how to drive revenue, build audience models, test campaigns, and create more high-value customers.

Clario is every tool you need to create more of your best customers, all in one.

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Download our executive brief and show leadership how Clario can drive revenue and transform results. Choose the version that’s right for you below, depending on whether you already have a customer data platform (CDP) or not.

Leverage the power of your customer data — and uncover immediate revenue opportunities.

Without Clario, sales are being missed.

As retailers fight for every last dollar (and as the end of third-party data looms), the brands that stay out front will be the ones that mine their customer data for every last opportunity. This can’t be done with data in silos and it can’t be done with a bias toward certain marketing channels.

Only Clario provides hyper-accurate, one-click predictive models with channel-agnostic insights.

Only Clario can hyper-target your customers in minutes, not days.

Get answers to your strategic questions, in 15 minutes or less:

  • How do we acquire more customers who are more likely to make a second purchase?
  • How are we doing with retaining our customers? How exactly should we be targeting customers to keep them coming back? How can we increase their lifetime value?
  • How do we create more multi-channel customers?
  • What’s the right frequency for targeting my customers so we can drive revenue without irritating them?
  • How do I get my lapsed customers to buy again?
  • Which customer attributes, and what kind of campaigns, should we be focused on to increase our customers’ lifetime value?
Clario clearly — and quickly — shows who your best customers are and how to create more of them.

Hey, Clario. I need this by noon:

Build me an audience of one-time buyers who are most likely to buy again. And refresh it in place every Monday.

No problem.

Warning: This audience builder will drive sales. Fast.

Have you been sacrificing weeks of lead time or paying thousands in upcharges just to slice an ultra-specific segment of customers from your database?

With Clario, it takes 45 minutes. Or less.

Ready to Be Dangerous?

Hey, Clario. Did you update our audiences last night?

And will you please remember to modify them in place every Sunday at 5 pm?



Get all this in an hour:

Hey, Clario. Can you build me an audience that will drive sales with one-time customers? I want to get them to buy again—using the most cost-effective strategy possible.

45 minutes later


Here you go. I've created an audience of the 60% of your one-time buyers who are most likely to purchase again. This should generate results and also save on marketing costs.

What? I usually wait three weeks for answers like that. What’s this based on?


I analyzed the buyers who made their second purchase from you last quarter—including what they looked like and how they differ from those who’ve never made a second purchase. I then applied machine learning to build an audience with similar characteristics.

What are those characteristics?


There are hundreds, but these are the key findings about buyers who made a second purchase last quarter:

  • They were primarily between the ages of 30 and 45.
  • Most of them made their first purchase online, but 70% of them made their second purchase in store.
  • Most of them bought sunglasses as their second purchase.
  • For second purchases, direct mail and Facebook ads had a strong influence on these buyers.

Those are valuable insights. I’ll make sure we include direct mail in our campaign and target the messaging to that demographic. Is this audience ready to go?


Yep. I've uploaded that audience to Facebook and Instagram, and I’ll update in place daily for the next three weeks while your campaign runs. And you can download this audience for your direct mail campaign.

Let’s go sell some sunglasses.

Careful. You might cause a scene.

If you want to blend in with the crowd, Clario’s not for you. But if you’re done uploading data by hand—and ready for some truly smart marketing — so are we.

“For me to get all the value that Clario provides, I’d have to add five people to my staff.”

Jacquie Bailey Director of Customer Analytics
& Marketing Operations

Clario is for anyone who’s ever thought: “Isn’t all this data supposed to be driving sales?”

Have you ever wondered why it’s taking weeks to dig insights out of your data? Wasn’t it supposed to be easier to leverage all this information? Shouldn’t we be moving beyond mass-targeted bulk messaging by now?

The answer is yes.

So what’s the holdup?

The current systems weren’t built for the breakneck speeds and hairpin turns of today’s marketing demands. Clario was.

When it comes to building audiences, there’s nothing faster, more flexible, or more accurate.

Hey, Clario. Get this to me before lunch:

Build me an audience of customers who’ve browsed our lawn mowers in the past six months without purchasing one — and tell me how much I should spend to market to them, based on predicted customer lifetime value.

You’ve got it.

It’s time to shake things up.

With Clario, you’ll be launching whip-smart, laser-focused campaigns as fast as your team can create them. Your customers will see messaging that moves them. Your bottom line will see a boost.

And your competitors will wonder what hit them.

Ready to be dangerous?