Customer LTV up 2x

Identifying the customers, product, and marketing that increased customer lifetime value, Avalanche adjusted their strategy to target similar customers.

See how Sam, Director of Merchandising at Avalanche Clothing, identifies powerful insights in Clario.
Who is Avalanche Clothing?
We’re a retailer using the Clario app, but our name and data has been anonymized. Annual revenue in 2014 was $680M. We have over 600 retail stores, close to 9.8M customers who have purchased from us, and about 1.8M prospects.

Watch how Sam uses Clario. In just a few minutes — Sam looked at Avalanche's customers who made purchases that included Technical Gear in Q4. He found key insights.

Sam now feels equipped to champion Technical Gear. He'll start by showing Sr Mgmt how Technical Gear resonates with both new and existing customers within strategic personas, and also how these customers purchase more frequently at a higher AOV.

See how Clario integrates with your marketing database and other data sources.

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