2nd Purchases up 2%

Identifying the customers, product, and marketing driving the 2nd purchase, Avalanche adjusted their strategy to retain more customers.

See how Jenn, VP of Marketing at Avalanche Clothing, identifies powerful insights in Clario.
Who is Avalanche Clothing?
We’re a retailer using the Clario app, but our name and data has been anonymized. Annual revenue in 2014 was $680M. We have over 600 retail stores, close to 9.8M customers who have purchased from us, and about 1.8M prospects.

Watch how Jenn uses Clario. In just a few minutes — Jenn looked at Avalanche's one-time buyers who made their second purchase in Q1 and Q2. She found key insights.

Jenn will pull a list of emails for the customers who most resemble those likely to make a second purchase. Pushing this list to her ESP (a highly attributed channel), Jenn’s team created a new campaign focused on accessories, a top category in second purchases.

See how Clario integrates with your marketing database and other data sources.

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