Is Clario for real?

If you’re just hearing about Clario, you’ve probably got questions — as you should. Any solution that claims to do what Clario does should definitely be investigated further. Here are a few stories from the retail brands that have already discovered what Clario can do for them, as well as some best practices and valuable insights from our team of data experts.

How is Level Agency driving growth for Christopher & Banks?

Most brands can’t afford to speak to all of their customers at once. So how do you segment your audiences into hyper-specific categories? Level Agency has found a way to make it easy.

How your chaotic customer data can drive repeat sales — without any cleanup

Is your customer data worth anything at all if you’ve got six different data formats and serious holes in what you’ve tracked? Yes. And it’s easier than you think.

How to make your CDP faster and your marketing smarter

Does your marketing involve too much guesswork and not enough speed? See how high-powered machine learning can help you target the right customers at the right time—in just one click.

How to stop guessing which customers to target — and start knowing

No CDP builds audiences based on any customer characteristic from any moment in time—from five days to five years ago. Clario does. Here’s why that changes everything.

Three myths about attribution that could be hurting your repeat sales

No CDP provides multi-touch attribution (MTA) specific to audience-building. Clario does. Here’s how to turn MTA into your marketing superpower.

Does your CDP include free coaching and support?

Clario’s not just the most powerful audience builder and CDP available, it’s also a whole team of consultants ready to help you activate your data.