Email Revenue up 2%

Identifying the customers, product, and marketing impacted by budget cuts, Avalanche adjusted their email marketing to grow revenue.

See how Ella, CFO at Avalanche Clothing, identifies powerful insights in Clario.
Who is Avalanche Clothing?
We’re a retailer using the Clario app, but our name and data has been anonymized. Annual revenue in 2014 was $680M. We have over 600 retail stores, close to 9.8M customers who have purchased from us, and about 1.8M prospects.

Watch how Ella uses Clario. In just a few minutes—Ella looked at the performance in Q1 of Avalanche's Existing Customers, New Customers, and Prospects, comparing them to the same group last year. She found key insights.

Ella sees email volumes increasing: marketing’s response to budget cuts. While email attributed revenue rose, she fears this short-term gain could hurt Avalanche Clothing in the long run. She shared this calculator with the team to assess the hidden costs of over-emailing.

See how Clario integrates with your marketing database and other data sources.

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