Randy ErdahlClario’s EVP, Optimization Solutions. Randy is a Franz Edelman Award finalist for his pioneering work in marketing optimization with over 36 years of industry experience.

Deb CampbellClario’s VP, Modeling Solutions. She has spent 28 years developing and implementing analytical solutions, transforming data into intelligent marketing strategies.

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Success Stories

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National Geographic Clicks Up 25%, Unsubscribes Reduced 35%

Email Horizontal Selection (with predictive modeling)“Many marketers think that email marketing is not worth optimizing to this extent,” concludes Langstaff. “It is considered an inexpensive tactic, and most marketers limit performance optimization to the campaign level rather than the customer level. I think those companies are making a mistake. The gains we have seen by optimizing our email marketing channel have far outweighed the investment, and the longer we do it, the better the results.” Read more

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Northern Tool + Equipment: Minimize Catalog Waste

Revenue Attribution and Horizontal Selection (with predictive modeling)Revenue Attribution was used to attribute each order to its source, revealing the true impact of the catalog in relation to all other marketing events. With access to this information, our Contact Optimization app delivered 20-25% direct mail advertising cost savings. Read more

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Benchmark Brands: Double Digit Sales Growth

Horizontal Selection (with predictive modeling)Footsmart, a Benchmark Brand, has grown sales by double digits every year while using our Contact Optimization app. Profits gained by cutting 15-20% of catalog waste helped fund investments in other marketing channels, increased prospecting, and expanded product offering. Read more

Multi-Channel Retailer: Revenue Growth through Email Optimization

Email Horizontal SelectionA cross-brand, customer-centric email optimization approach was designed to lower opt-outs, increase sales, and reinforce branding. The results: 37% fewer emails sent. Unsubscribe rates down 25%. Open rates up 70%. Short-term sales increased 0.5% in 3 months. Long-term sales increased by $2,000,000 annualized due to 25% fewer opt-outs. Read more

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